Entertainment Digtial Signage

Attractive, Compelling, Dynamic, colorful, instant messages, pictures or videos are required to satisfy the demanding customer in the entertaining industries today. Digital Signage is of the best solution today to provide live, instant, dynamic, exciting and entertaining effect to customer at movie theaters, bars, stadium, casinos, etc.  

Entertaining digital signage can be used in the following areas:
Installation digital signage could bring a modern, high tech ambient, at the same time provide a better service and customer satisfaction at Karaoke lounge. 
Digital signage can provide an automatic calling system to inform customer when to check in the Karaoke rooms, at the same time broadcasting, event, activities, shows, and promotion that are taking place in Karaoke lounge. ,
Movie Theaters
Digital signage can use to display and promote the current and up coming movies, and generate additional sales revenues by selling time to advertiser or service provider. Digital Signage Menu boards on top of the counter allows a flexibility in changing food menu and price list to convey information more effectively, and generate more sales revenue.   
Digital signage in Casino can act as an information stand to display and promote events, shows, hotels, restaurants, bars and way finding information to customer.    
Digital signage can broadcast sports, games lively, and for vendors to advertize different brands of alcohol in pubs & bars. At the same time it also could keep customer entertaining while queuing to buy drinks. Customer idling in the bar there are also interactive games in digital signage to let them stay engage. All these good features about digital signage brings a better service and pleasant experience to the customer and increase the thier visiting frequency.
Digital Signage play can use to broadcast the game lively, promote the souvenir and discounted item in the gift shop, or the delicious food provided within the stadium. All these can be done at by install digital signage at the strategic places in the stadium.
As technology advance digital signage is being widely used museums today. At museum entrances, exhibition halls, along corridors, and in front of elevators digital signage can display current general museum information, such as opening and closing hours, ticket prices, greetings, promotions on coming exhibitions, artists etc. Digital signage can also display recent exhibitions, performances in pictures or video. Live performance of artist can also broadcast via all displays within the museum.
Minnotek’s digital signage solution allow the above entertainment sectors to have:
1.          Centralized content management
2.          Multi-zone display
3.          Many layers of categories.
4.          Remote monitoring of content and players
5.          Real time content broadcasting
6.          Display content based on dates and times predefined.
7.          Flexibility in content insertion
8.          Default content will be displayed when network is down or no broadcasting
9.          Remotely set time, turn on/off on digital signage and space management in display.
Minnotek’s provides the interactive and none-interactive digital signage solution. For the interactive digital signage solution package comes with variety of modification and powerful multimedia playback options and features enable entertainment sectors to display their digital signage content in many ways.   
Minnotek’s digital signage solution comes with the combination of digital signage player, LCD panel, mounting bracket, and user friendly software in one package which enable administrators in entertainment sectors to operate right away!

Minnotek takes good responsibility on after-sales of digital signage, we provide good customer support and maintenance services.