Corporate Digital Signage

Digital signage brings great convenience to corporation management crews as it is the most effective way to convey messages to employees. One simple glace on digital signage, employees could receive company news and announcement immediately. Digital Signage could help to reduce company’s cost and time spending on communications.

Minnotek’s digital signage system can be installed in places such as entrances, lobbies, corridors, in front of elevators, in pantry rooms to help companies effectively communicate to their employees, guests or visitors.
Minnotek’s Digital signage can be apply to the following area in corporate:
Corporate Image
Digital Signage symbolized a more modern way of corporate communication, it not only brings a much better way of effective communication, and it shows off a company’s up to date communication technological tools. All these contribute to a better corporate image. 
Internal Information
Conveying information attractively, lively, and in real-time sometimes can be a big challenge for a large corporate or factory. However, digital signage are able to help to overcome space barriers by transmitting information almost instantly to all the displays located within companies.
Meeting Room Status
Displays outside the meeting room could show events, daily occupancies, schedules , name, subject etc To assist employees in the next booking or knowing what are the events that are going to held in the meeting rooms. 
Training and Education
Digital signage enable employees to be trained and educate regularly through repetitively message displaying on the screens
Digital signage can be used to display employees with outstanding performance, best sales of the month etc. Such a personal recognition often help to raise moral among employees.
Corporate Culture
CEO’s speech & Management’s policies can regularly be delivered to all the employees within the company, which will effectively strengthen company’s corporate culture.
Minnotek’s digital signage solution allows companies to have:
1.     Centralized content management
2.     Multi-zone display
3.     Many layers of categories.
4.     Remote monitoring of content and players
5.     Real time content broadcasting
6.     Display content based on dates and times predefined.
7.     Flexibility in content insertion
8.     Default content will be displayed when network is down or no broadcasting
9.     Remotely set time,turn on/off on digital signage and space management in display.
Minnotek’s provides the interactive and none-interactive digital signage solution. For the interactive digital signage solution package comes with variety of modification and powerful multimedia playback options and features enable corporate to display their digital signage content in many ways.   
Minnotek’s digital signage solution comes with the combination of digital signage player, LCD panel, mounting bracket, and user friendly software in one package and also the pre-sale consultancies, training plus hardware and software installations which enable companies to operate the digital signage right away.
Minnotek takes good responsibility on after-sales of digital signage, we provide good customer support and maintenance services.