Government Digital Signage

Most of the government agencies around the world used to have static signs or posters to convey the government policies, events and news, however, due to its rigidity in changing the content and time consuming for replacement, has slow down of government’s operation and communication efficiency. With the digital signage the instant, dynamic, and compelling important government messages can be convey effectively to these government agencies.    
Minnotek’s Digtial Signage can be used in the following areas in government agencies:
Convey Emergency Messages

Emergency notices can be broadcast across networks instantly, These real-time messages can be vital to save lives and update citizens with potential coming disasters.
Enhance Internal Communication
Flat panel screens can be installed in various departments in Government agency to convey important policies, new, events within these agencies instantly. Digital signage allows government to save time and cost in communication and help government operates and runs more efficiently.  
Showing Alert Messages
Alert messages can be broadcast at strategic and popular public areas through the digital signage network from a control centre. To make the city or country a better and safe place to live in.  
Publishing “Wanted” Messages
“Wanted” person can be publish and display publicly throughout the country via digital signage.
Easy Access Of Public Information  
Major government policies, seciveces, programmes and way finding informations and all other relevant informaiton can can be published and broadcast via digital signage, to enable citizens to have easy access to government information.
Minnotek’s digital signage solution allows government agencies to have:
1.          Centralized content management
2.          Multi-zone display
3.          Many layers of categories..
4.          Remote monitoring of content and players
5.          Real time content broadcasting
6.          Display content based on dates and times predefined.
7.          Flexibility in content insertion
8.          Default content will be displayed when network is down or no broadcasting
9.          Remotely set time,turn on/off on digital signage and space management in display.
Minnotek’s provides the interactive and none-interactive digital signage solution. For the interactive digital signage solution package comes with variety of modification and powerful multimedia playback options and features enable government agencies to display their digital signage content in many ways.   
Minnotek’s digital signage solution comes with the combination of digital signage player, LCD panel, mounting bracket, and user friendly software in one package which enable administrators in government agencies to operate right away!
Minnotek takes good responsibility on after-sales of digital signage, we provide good customer support and maintenance services.