Retail Digital Signage

Digital Signage is very important advertizing tools in the retail market, where the new products, discount and brands are required a lot of exposure effectively in order to make a good sales. Digital signage with the flexibility of changing promotion items instantly, and eye catching colorful pictures and messages are best for the retailer shops which might have dozens of items need to promote during a business day.

Minnotek’s digital signage is user friendly solution, which allows the shop owner to update the advertizing content easily, generating selling report and monitor the operating status of entire digital signage network
Below are the few applications of Minnotek’s digital signage solution in retail field:
Strategically Promotion
Minnotek’s digital signage solution is under an open structure, where the advertiser uploads the promotion content to digital signage easily via internet, and link to retailer’s database to set up advertizing items promotion automatically based on inventory level of the stores.
Digital signage in malls, shopping centre, department stores, chain stores and shops can advertize on clothes, accessories, discounted items, food court etc
Interactive digital signage often being used as a way finding information at the entrance of the shopping malls, or retail stores to promote the new products or services offer by the retail shop.
Minnotek’s digital signage solution allow shops to have:
1.          Centralized content management
2.          Multi-zone display
3.          Many layers of categories.
4.          Remote monitoring of content and players
5.          Real time content broadcasting
6.          Display content based on dates and times predefined.
7.          Flexibility in content insertion
8.          Default content will be displayed when network is down or no broadcasting
9.          Remotely set time, turn on/off on digital signage and space management in display.
Minnotek’s provides the interactive and none-interactive digital signage solution. For the interactive digital signage solution package comes with variety of modification and powerful multimedia playback options and features enable shops to display their digital signage content in many ways.   
Minnotek’s digital signage solution comes with the combination of digital signage player, LCD panel, mounting bracket, and user friendly software in one package which enable administrators in shops to operate right away!

Minnotek takes good responsibility on after-sales of digital signage, we provide good customer support and maintenance services.