Healthcare Digital Signage

In the past, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes use to install a television in the waiting room with the main purpose of entertaining and comforting patients. Today, more than a TV, digital signage serve as effective communication tool, and brings much more convenience and benefits to patient, healthcare and service providers.
Minnotek’s digital signage can be use in the following area in the healthcare sector:
Information Centre
Hospitals can use digital signage to broadcast its recent policies, events and news.
Digital Signage can be installed at reception, corridors serve as way finding stand and guide patients to get to their destination in hospital easily and quickly.
Operation Room Update
Digital signage could also serve as a messenger to patient’s family , while patient is under going through a surgery in the operation room.
Digital Signage can provide entertaining TV programs or interactive games to release
patient’s pressure and anxiousness while waiting for treatment.
Digital signage can be use to educate patients with the correct medical practice, and inform patients with the new treatment, preventive care etc.
Queuing Management
Digital signage can be integrated to the hospital calling system, so the patient could sit and wait to be called to see doctors, at the same time being entertained with the programs on the Digital Signage through a multi-zone template.
Minnotek’s digital signage solution allows hospitals to have:
1.      Centralized content management
2.      Multi-zone display
3.      Many layers of categories.
4.      Remote monitoring of content and players
5.      Real time content broadcasting
6.      Display content based on dates and times predefined.
7.      Flexibility in content insertion
8.      Default content will be displayed when network is down or no broadcasting
9.      Remotely set time,turn on/off on digital signage and space management in display.
Minnotek’s provides the interactive and none-interactive digital signage solution. For the interactive digital signage solution package comes with variety of modification and powerful multimedia playback options and features enable hospitals to display their digital signage content in many ways.   
Minnotek’s digital signage solution comes with the combination of digital signage player, LCD panel, mounting bracket, and user friendly software in one package and also the pre-sale consultancies, training plus hardware and software installations which enable hospitals to operate the digital signage right away.
Minnotek takes good responsibility on after-sales of digital signage, we provide good customer support and maintenance services.